7 straw hats you can find on Amazon right in time for summer

7 straw hats you can find on Amazon right in time for summer

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Straw hats can be both stylish and practical. They keep the sun out of your eyes and off your skin, keeping your face cool and safe from harmful UV rays. They’re also a great summer accessory, adding that perfect topping note to any sundress, bathing suit or, really, just about anything. (Seriously. We’ve worn them with pajamas to go pick up the newspaper in the morning.)  

It can be a challenge to find the perfect straw hat, though—and they can be a little fragile. If you’re looking to pick up a fresh chapeau this season, here are 7 of the most beloved straw hats on Amazon.  

1. A simple Panama hat 

7 straw hats you can find on Amazon right in time for summer

Looking for a classic hat that gets the job done? Consider a Panama hat. Interestingly enough, the style of hat actually has its roots in Ecuador, where hat-making has been a tradition for centuries. In the U.S., the Panama hat really took off around the California Gold Rush, when many prospectors ventured west through the isthmus of Panama.  

This particular Panama hat pulls from that long tradition to provide classic style and decent sun coverage. Made of a breathable polyester/straw blend, the hat should fit most heads and is easy to reshape, even if it gets wet. It even comes in 15 different colors, so you can get one to match every outfit. 

Get the Anycosy Panama Straw Hat from Amazon 

2. An updo-friendly visor 

7 straw hats you can find on Amazon right in time for summer

Can’t stand sticky hair on your neck when you’re at the beach? Love the simplicity of a topknot? This rollable visor is a great option for sun coverage on the go. The wide-brimmed straw visor is wider than a traditional tennis visor, but leaves space open at the top for your hair. (Or just for your head to breathe.) It’s super portable, and can be rolled up and stuck in any bag for last-minute SPF protection.   

Get the Simplicity Women’s UPF 50+ Wide Brim Roll-up Straw Sun from Amazon starting at $19 

3. Sized and stylish 

7 straw hats you can find on Amazon right in time for summer

With its wider brim and sharp ribbon detail, Brixton’s Joanna hat is the perfect blend of protection and style. It comes in multiple colors and sizes, meaning you can really get the hat that fits you, rather than the one that either pinches or blows off your head in a stiff breeze. The 100% straw hat is well-made, and, when added to a cool sundress, gives your summer look just a touch of class.  

Get the Brixton’s Joanna Hat from Amazon starting at $39 

4. Surf-ready and beach-beloved 

7 straw hats you can find on Amazon right in time for summer

Created by longtime surf brand Roxy, this Tomboy straw hat offers premium protection from the sun’s harsh rays. The imported seagrass is woven in a cool vertical weave, and the hat can be rimmed with a few different borders. The best part is the adjustable chin strap, which doesn’t always look super cool, but it keeps your hat on no matter what, even when facing down the harshest ocean breezes.   

Get Roxy’s Tomboy Straw Hat from Amazon starting at $21 

5. Floppy and foldable 

7 straw hats you can find on Amazon right in time for summer

Furtalk’s floppy beach hat offers functional fashion at a very reasonable price. The straw hat has a wide, slightly wavy brim and would look great with a bathing suit on the beach or with a dress at a summer wedding. There’s a sweatband inside the hat, which is always welcome, and there’s a removable chin strap, just in case you’re facing down gusts. It also comes in three sizes and is fully adjustable thanks to a concealed velcro strap inside the sweatband. Now that’s convenient!  

Get the Furtalk Women’s Beach Sun Straw Hat from Amazon starting at $24 

6. Italian Riviera on a budget

7 straw hats you can find on Amazon right in time for summer

Love the old pictures of starlets in their beautiful bathing suits with their big sunglasses and even bigger sun hats? Check out Lanzom’s floppy sun hats, which offer modern nods to that classic style.  

The straw hats are comfortable and foldable, meaning they’d be great to bring with you on whatever beach vacation you’ve got planned, even if you only have a little bit of room in your luggage. They also come in 10 different neutral colors, meaning you’ll always be able to find one that looks good on you.  

Get the Lanzom Women’s Wide Brim Straw Hat from Amazon 

7. Ribbons and romance 

7 straw hats you can find on Amazon right in time for summer

For a lot of people, when you think “straw hat,” you think of the ribbons around the hat’s base, blowing behind the wearer on the beach. That could be a product of reading a lot of historical novels as kids, but for whatever reason, there really is something comforting and classic about a big old straw hat with a beautiful flowing band. Furtalk has a hat that certainly fits that bill, with a wide black ribbon that hangs down and adds a touch of romance. The foldable hat has a brim that’s almost 5 inches wide, so it offers ample SPF 50+ sun protection to the wearer’s face, neck and ears.   

Get the Furtalk Women’s Sun Straw Hat Wide Brim Amazon starting at $25   

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