Best Sun Hats On Amazon For 2022

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We all know that protecting yourself from the sun requires more than just a layer of sunscreen. So why not add to that protection with a fashion statement? A sun hat is the perfect opportunity to flaunt your style and prevent your skin from turning cherry red in the process. However, picking a hat that will meet your needs requires a bit of digging. With the vast number of products available nowadays, finding one that works for you and your activities can feel overwhelming.

A hat is your first line of defense from the sun, so certain features are an absolute must, including durability, high-SPF material, comfort, and functionality. With this in mind, we’ve made it our goal to offer you the best suggestions depending on the activities you plan to do. Whether you need to find a hat for a fancy derby or a day-long trek through the mountains, we’re full to the brim with sun hat recommendations.

How we selected the sun hats

the sun hats

Sun hats can look the same at times, but each is different in its construction, materials, durability, and actual protection from the sun’s rays. For instance, if the hat is braided but done so too loosely, the sun will still peak through. These criteria, therefore, served as the basis for our examination. We searched across Amazon, uncovering sun hat after sun hat in an attempt to deliver to you all the best of the best. After all, sun hats are an investment because they can last forever it treated properly.

To do this, we looked at each sun hat’s price point, the materials with which it’s made, and its intended use. While some sun hats are light and perfect for minimal everyday use, others are heavier and should be used for instances of long exposure. Plus, others are simply to cute to pass up. In this case, our most ideal sun hat is not only functional and crafted well but also beautiful.

Best sun hat for lounging at the beach

Furtalk Women Beach Sun Straw Hat

For the classic, easy-breezy beach look, your best bet is the Furtalk straw hat. This elegantly designed hat comes with a classic black ribbon for the band and an adjustable velcro loop, which is seamlessly hidden beneath the interior sweatband. It also has a removable chin strap to prevent the hat from flying off on those windy beaches. Plus, it can be folded or rolled for easy storage, and reviewers report no creases in the hat when they unrolled it. If you like the style but aren’t quite fond of the traditional, straw color, Furtalk also offers light beige, dark beige, khaki, mixed khaki, and lotus pink.

Best sun hat for a glamorous look

Dantiya Floral Ribbon Dress Sun Hat

Trying to look the part at an outdoor cocktail party, or a summer wedding? The Dantiya floral ribbon dress hat will have you covered. It features a twin floral piece decoration, complete with feathers and a wide, semi-transparent bow. The brim is four inches wide, allowing for complete coverage while maintaining a classic feel. And since it comes in 16 different colors, you won’t have a problem matching it to your favorite dress. While it is “one size fits all,” the hat does come with an adjustable drawstring loop on the interior.

Best sun hats for long hair

Solaris Wide Brim Safari Cap

If you have a lot of hair, finding the perfect sun hat can be a challenge. A typical hat allows you to wear your hair just one of three ways: In a low bun, a low ponytail, or down. Fortunately, Muryobao and Solaris both sell sun hats with ponytail holes. Simply slip your ponytail or bun through the open loop, and your hair will be out of the way for all of your outdoor adventures.

As an added benefit, the Muryobao hat is foldable and made with a breathable mesh interior, so you don’t have to worry about it trapping in heat. It also comes with a stretchy, adjustable chin strap and side snaps, so you can wear it in a cowboy style if you prefer. The Solaris hat offers a more classic, simplified design with a sweat absorbent belt, mesh vents, and a slightly lower opening for those who enjoy wearing a low ponytail


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