Keep Your Face Protected with The 4 Best Sun Hats (They’re Cute, Too)

Best Sun Hats

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Spending time outside has tons of great health benefits as it rebalances your nervous system, taking you from that stressful fight or flight mode and into the parasympathetic state of rest and digest. But there are some downsides to the great outdoors, no thanks to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Exposure to sunlight without protection can promote premature signs of aging and even put you at greater risk of melanoma skin cancer.1 The key to reaping the benefits of nature (and the sun) without the damage is to protect yourself—by way of sunscreen and a great sun hat. 

Whether or not you consider yourself a hat person—like someone who has a display wall in their home dedicated to their collection—sun hats are a staple in any warm-weather wardrobe. Sun hats “are essential for health reasons first and foremost,” says Michelle Maslanka, the founder and CEO of Sister Swim. Plus, in addition to protecting your delicate facial complexion from the sun, sun hats are a great fashion moment, helping to complete any summer-inspired look. 

From sun hats for the beach to sun hats for hiking to baseball and bucket hats, there is a hat out there for everyone—yes, including those who don’t consider themselves hat people. If you’re on the prowl for a great bucket hat, you’ve come to the right corner of the internet.

We went on a mission to find the best sun hats for any occasion.

Somaler Cotton Wide Brim Sun Hat

Budget-friendly without sacrificing quality, this under-$20 sun hat is an excellent option for someone looking to rock a brimmed look without too much investment. The hat is also packable, making it great for travel, and features UPF 50+ for even more sun protection.

Material: Polyester and cotton | Circumference: 20.86-22.83 inches Colors: Beige, Black, Dark Blue, Pink, White, Brick Red, Grey Blue, Purple +more

Peter Grimm Sebastian Lifeguard Hat

Straw sun hats are easy to come by—and many are included in our list of best sun hats—so we wanted a style that felt a little more unique. We love this elevated take on the classic straw surf hat as it makes it all the more versatile. Wear it to the beach or pool, or pair it with your favorite sundress for a completed summer look.

Material: 100% straw Brim: 6.5 inches | Circumference: 22.4-24 inches | Colors: Natural

Sunday Afternoons Sport Hat

Nylon sun hats are great for blocking out UV rays during more physical activities such as gardening, hiking, or even strolling down the street on a hot sunny day. This one from Sunday Afternoons checks all of our boxes as it is lightweight, breathable, features a UPF of 50+, and can be securely fastened to your head with an adjustable strap.

Material: Nylon and polyester Brim: 4 inches Circumference: 22-23.6 inches | Colors: Cream/Sand, Sand/Black, Teal Kaleidoscope, White/Charcoal, Coral Kaleidoscope, Cardinal +more


The 3 Best Beach Hats on Amazon to Shield You In Style

Beach Hats

When packing for the beach, hats are crucial, both to top off your look and to protect you from the sun. If you still haven’t found a sun hat to your liking(opens in new tab) or in your price range, let’s try another option: Amazon. After all, you can find some amazing t-shirts(opens in new tab) on there, not to mention totes(opens in new tab). I perused a ton of hats on the e-retailer and selected the best ones, ahead, based on style, function, price, and reviews. Before you even think about laying out in the sun this season, make sure you’re armed with one of the hat options below.

St.Dona_Hat Large Oversized Straw Hat

St.Dona Hat Large Oversized Straw Hat

It’ll be easy to maintain a distance of six feet apart with this oversized brim hat. Not only will it keep the pool- or beach-goers at bay, you’ll be protected from the sun’s rays all summer long. 

Lack of Color Terrycloth Bucket Hat

Lack of Color Terrycloth Bucket Hat

Swap out your cold-weather beanie for this bright and quirky terrycloth bucket hat from Lack of Color. This is a simple accessory that can easily be worked into any beach or warm-weather outfit. 

Scala Cotton Hat

Scala Cotton Hat

A fun accessory for your itsy-bitsy bikini: A colorful canvas hat that not only will grab everyone’s attention but will block your face and shoulders from the UV rays all summer long. Lucky for you, this hat comes in 34 colors—one to match each of your swimsuits. 


Best Sun Hats On Amazon For 2022

sun hats

We all know that protecting yourself from the sun requires more than just a layer of sunscreen. So why not add to that protection with a fashion statement? A sun hat is the perfect opportunity to flaunt your style and prevent your skin from turning cherry red in the process. However, picking a hat that will meet your needs requires a bit of digging. With the vast number of products available nowadays, finding one that works for you and your activities can feel overwhelming.

A hat is your first line of defense from the sun, so certain features are an absolute must, including durability, high-SPF material, comfort, and functionality. With this in mind, we’ve made it our goal to offer you the best suggestions depending on the activities you plan to do. Whether you need to find a hat for a fancy derby or a day-long trek through the mountains, we’re full to the brim with sun hat recommendations.

How we selected the sun hats

the sun hats

Sun hats can look the same at times, but each is different in its construction, materials, durability, and actual protection from the sun’s rays. For instance, if the hat is braided but done so too loosely, the sun will still peak through. These criteria, therefore, served as the basis for our examination. We searched across Amazon, uncovering sun hat after sun hat in an attempt to deliver to you all the best of the best. After all, sun hats are an investment because they can last forever it treated properly.

To do this, we looked at each sun hat’s price point, the materials with which it’s made, and its intended use. While some sun hats are light and perfect for minimal everyday use, others are heavier and should be used for instances of long exposure. Plus, others are simply to cute to pass up. In this case, our most ideal sun hat is not only functional and crafted well but also beautiful.

Best sun hat for lounging at the beach

Furtalk Women Beach Sun Straw Hat

For the classic, easy-breezy beach look, your best bet is the Furtalk straw hat. This elegantly designed hat comes with a classic black ribbon for the band and an adjustable velcro loop, which is seamlessly hidden beneath the interior sweatband. It also has a removable chin strap to prevent the hat from flying off on those windy beaches. Plus, it can be folded or rolled for easy storage, and reviewers report no creases in the hat when they unrolled it. If you like the style but aren’t quite fond of the traditional, straw color, Furtalk also offers light beige, dark beige, khaki, mixed khaki, and lotus pink.

Best sun hat for a glamorous look

Dantiya Floral Ribbon Dress Sun Hat

Trying to look the part at an outdoor cocktail party, or a summer wedding? The Dantiya floral ribbon dress hat will have you covered. It features a twin floral piece decoration, complete with feathers and a wide, semi-transparent bow. The brim is four inches wide, allowing for complete coverage while maintaining a classic feel. And since it comes in 16 different colors, you won’t have a problem matching it to your favorite dress. While it is “one size fits all,” the hat does come with an adjustable drawstring loop on the interior.

Best sun hats for long hair

Solaris Wide Brim Safari Cap

If you have a lot of hair, finding the perfect sun hat can be a challenge. A typical hat allows you to wear your hair just one of three ways: In a low bun, a low ponytail, or down. Fortunately, Muryobao and Solaris both sell sun hats with ponytail holes. Simply slip your ponytail or bun through the open loop, and your hair will be out of the way for all of your outdoor adventures.

As an added benefit, the Muryobao hat is foldable and made with a breathable mesh interior, so you don’t have to worry about it trapping in heat. It also comes with a stretchy, adjustable chin strap and side snaps, so you can wear it in a cowboy style if you prefer. The Solaris hat offers a more classic, simplified design with a sweat absorbent belt, mesh vents, and a slightly lower opening for those who enjoy wearing a low ponytail



The 3 Best Sun Hats to Buy on Amazon

Sun Hats

A sun hat is a perfect accessory for a hot summer day: It will elevate your look in seconds and protect you from those harsh June and July rays. So whether you are the woman who plans her outfit around a sun hat or throws on a baseball cap last minute, there is no doubt the right sun hat will instantly make you look fabulous. Whether you’re spending the season ahead at garden parties or on the beach, the 16 best sun hats on Amazon will have you covered. Shop our favorites below, from Gigi Burris’s straw bucket hats to R13’s sporty sun hats and many styles in between.

Holiday Bucket Green

Holiday Bucket Green

A Matisse-inspired sunhat that can be worn for bike rides, sailing, or cityside. It also has a necktie for a secured fit.

Women’s Packable Bandana Band Fedora

Bandana Band Fedora

A packable straw hat that is perfect for your next getaway. You won’t need to worry about the hat losing its shape. It’s also available in a blush tone.

R13 Women’s Baseball Hat

Baseball Hat

A sporty sunhat to throw over a casual look or for a run.




3 Stylish Hats On Amazon That Instantly Elevate Any Outfit

Summertime can mean a lot of different things: trips to the beach, brunch with your friends, partying by the pool and catching flights. No matter how you’re spending your summer days, there’s no denying that a good hat shields you from harmful UV rays and can also add a pop of flair to your outfit.

Thankfully, there are a lot of quality summer hats on Amazon that retail for less than $25 and are very well made. If you’re looking to add a few hats to your summer wardrobe, start with these five.

1. Summer Breathable Beret Hat

An effortless summer beret is the perfect hat accessory when you’re on the go or just need something quickly to throw on. You can also grab this in six different colors.

2. Summer Beach Sun Hat

Nothing says summer on the beach quite like an oversized brim sun hat. Available in nine different colors, this hat is sure to make a statement and shield you from harmful sun rays wherever you are.

3. Adidas Originals Strapback Relaxed Adjustable Cap

You may not think of a baseball cap when thinking of “glam,” but anyone who has had a bad hair day knows how one of these can easily save the day. Plus, how can you deny a hat this cute and pink?


The Best Rain Hats on Amazon


Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing ones. (You can learn more about our rating system and how we pick each item here.)

And while we’ve written about ways to stay dry in the rain — including the best umbrellasrain jackets, and rain boots — here we’ve rounded up the best rain hats, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

Best-rated rain hat

Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero

Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero

With 747 reviews — 79 percent of which give this hat 5 stars, at the time of posting — the Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero is the best-rated pick available by a large margin. It’s more expensive than some of the other options, but reviewers say it’s the best rain hat out there and worth paying the little extra up-front. “This is my second” Seattle Sombrero, writes one reviewer. “The first finally gave up after 15 years of serious use camping, hunting, and fishing in the wilds of Oregon.” Comments highlight a few things: the overall high-quality construction, breathable Gore-Tex fabric, excellent waterproofing, and easy packability. As one reviewer recalls: “Last year, my husband and I traveled to Russia on vacation. One cold, rainy day, when all of our fellow travelers were huddled under umbrellas, I unpacked this hat and enjoyed the freedom of being able to walk anywhere, hands free to snap some gorgeous pics, snug as a bug.”

Best-rated (less expensive) rain hat

Frogg Toggs Waterproof Breathable Boonie Hat

Waterproof Breathable Boonie Hat
Reviewers love this Frogg Toggs rain hat for being waterproof, breathable, and, most of all, a great deal. It might not be as waterproof and breathable as our top pick — nothing can match Gore-Tex in those categories — but it’s still one of the best rain hats out there. As one reviewer writes: “Let me just say this, this hat is a steal at this price! I work in the elements all year long and needed protection for the sun, rain, sleet, and snow. This hat is totally waterproof and has a big enough brim to give me protection down to my chin and the back of my neck.” Reviewers also say this hat is lightweight and packable in addition to being functional in the rain. As one reviewer notes, “You can easily fold up the brim for packing or carrying, and you can crush the head portion into any shape you want … it’s easy to get it pocket-sized for a jacket or poncho pocket or a decent-sized pants pocket.”

Best stylish rain hat

Outback Trading Australian Oilskin Hat

Australian Oilskin Hat

This classic-looking rain hat might not look waterproof, but it’s made from Australian oilskin fabric, which is heavy cotton that’s been treated with oil to repel water. Reviewers appreciate the old-school waterproofing technology, and say it works really well. “In a downpour my head stays bone-dry,” one writes. “Water beads up and rolls right off,” says another reviewer. People appreciate this hat for being both functional and stylish. “It is not a hat to hide in your pocket,” writes one reviewer, “but it is a hat to keep you comfortable no matter what Mother Nature sends. I was prepared for the weather, but I also knew that I looked very cool!” Reviewers say this hat is really well-made, and a “fantastic quality for the price.” According to one enthusiastic reviewer, “the durability of this hat cannot be overemphasized!” In summary: “It is very handsome, the fit is spot-on, and it should develop a nice patina over time.”



Shoppers Have Finally Found the ‘Perfect Hat for Traveling’

wool fedora

Lanzom Women’s Retro Wide Brim Floppy Panama Hat Wool Fedora. PHOTO: AMAZON


A traditional fall travel outfit formula usually entails a comfy sweater, versatile pant, pair of supportive shoes, and reliable purse. But, if you really want to create a polished look (while also staying warm, protecting your face from the sun, and keeping your hair in check), Amazon shoppers recommend adding the Lanzom Wide Brim Panama Hat into the equation. 


Right now, the popular wool fedora, which has racked up more than 8,500 five-star ratings, is on sale for up to 31 percent off. And while the original price tag is already incredibly affordable, this means that you can get the wide brim hat for as little as $18. Just note that the discount varies depending on which of the 28 colors you choose. 

Floppy Panama Hat
Lanzom Women’s Retro Wide Brim Floppy Panama Hat Wool Fedora. AMAZON

To buy:, $18 (originally $26) 


With a circumference of 22.6 inches and a 2.9-inch brim, the Panama hat makes a stylish statement without being too awkward, oversized or bulky. It has an interior strap that can be adjusted for a more customized fit (read: it can adjust from 22 to 22.8 inches )and can typically suit sizes 7 1/8 to 7 1/4. In fact, one reviewer noted that the hat is “adjustable on the underside” if it’s too big for your head. 


For optimal comfort, the interior is made of soft, breathable polyester. And, according to shoppers, it boasts a “very durable” exterior thanks to its wool construction and sturdy dome. It has a retro charm thanks to the leather band, which comes in two designs (one elegant and one with a western twist) that add contrast and make it look more expensive than it is. 


With its versatile silhouette and comfortable fit, the wide brim hat can easily be incorporated into any travel outfit, regardless of what’s on the itinerary. Pair it with your favorite jeans, skirts, dresses, shorts, and pants on travel days, sightseeing tours, shows, dinners, and more. 


One Amazon shopper raved that they’re “incredibly pleased with this hat,” calling it their “absolute favorite one.” Another shared, “[I] love this hat so much that I’ve bought it in multiple colors.” Chiming in, a third buyer said the Lanzom hat is “very cute and of good quality for the price.” And, one made a point to report that “it came in perfect shape,” so you can start wearing it immediately.


Speaking to its design and weight, a reviewer wrote, “I wore this in Nashville during the CMA Fest on 90-degree Fahrenheit days. It kept me cooler than on previous days, which were only in the mid-80s.” But, if the weather is chilly, another buyer assured others that it is “not hot, but keeps [my] head warm.” What’s more, one shopper praised it for having a “nice weight to it,” highlighting that “it won’t fly off your head with a hefty wind.”

Hat Wool Fedora

To buy:, $19 (originally $26)


It’s also earned a stamp of approval from travelers. One wanderlust shopper exclaimed, “If you’re looking for a fall [or] winter hat to keep the sun off your face, look no further!” Another travel enthusiast added, “I wore it numerous times while traveling. It has held its shape and function. I get a lot of positive remarks whenever I pair it with my leather jacket and boots.” 


Echoing their reviews, a customer shared, “I have been looking for the perfect hat for traveling and everyday wear. This hat is not only wonderfully priced but the quality is fantastic!” They also mentioned that the hat “traveled with me all through Ireland and looked great in our wedding photos.” A final traveler wrote, “It brought all my outfits together.” 

Wide Brim Floppy Panama Hat Wool Fedora

Lanzom Women’s Retro Wide Brim Floppy Panama Hat Wool Fedora. 


To buy:, $19 (originally $26) 


Upgrade your travel style with the Lanzom Wide Brim Panama Hat. Get one at Amazon today while it’s on sale for as little as $18. Hurry, this markdown won’t last much longer. 


At the time of publishing, the price started at $18


Amazon Has Slashed Prices On Popular Sun Hats By Up To 60% — But Only ‘Til Midnight

sun hats

Throw a little shade on yourself…for a change

A good sun hat is a must for staying cool and protected in summer and those early fall days when the sun’s rays are still intense. But, of course, protection doesn’t come cheap. That’s why it’s so exciting to see that Amazon has marked down popular Furtalk sun hats by up to 60%. Just a heads-up, though: This deal is only for today. Snag one of these options at a heavy discount while you still can.

Furtalk Women’s Wide Brim Straw Panama Hat

Panama Hat

This bestselling Panama hat is on-trend — and it offers UPF 50 protection. Made of paper straw, the hat feels lightweight on your head. It’s also tightly braided to keep the brim from taking on a wonky shape over time.

Choose from a range of pretty colors and band styles with this pretty Panama. There are even different size options to ensure that just-right fit. And, just for today, it’s 60% off! “It looks so good with EVERYTHING,” said a happy shopper. “I’ve worn it every day since I purchased it. …I have a bigger head and thought this might not work on me, but I get compliments even while wearing my face mask. It also keeps me very cool despite the 100-degree weather in California.”

Furtalk Women’s Sun Straw Hat Wide Brim

Sun Straw Hat Wide Brim

Want a classic floppy beach hat? You found it. This wide-brim number features UPF 50 protection to shield your face. It’s also foldable, making it easy to toss it in your bag or suitcase.

Enjoy an adjustable chin strap to keep your hat firmly in place on windier days. There’s even an inner sweatband to wick away moisture and keep you cool. Choose from three sizes and a range of colors. “This is the perfect sun hat!” said a five-star fan. “It’s really comfortable and looks so cute. I love that the brim is stiff enough that it doesn’t flop down in my face, but flexible enough that you can fold it for travel. The removable adjustable chin strap was a lifesaver recently when I was out on a windy day. It kept the hat securely on my head.”

Furtalk Women’s Wide Brim Sun Hat

Wide Brim Sun Hat

This popular hat is perfect for when you want a brim that provides coverage but aren’t in the mood for a floppier topper. It includes a chin strap to keep the hat in place, along with UPF 50 protection.

A paper straw and polyester fabric combination make this hat durable. Got places to go? Simply fold your hat and stash it in your bag. “This hat worked well for hiking and paddleboarding while on vacation in the hot sun of Utah,” a satisfied shopper said. “I folded it and put in my carry-on and it regained its shape easily. Love the wide brim coverage and the lanyard for when it’s windy. I am thrilled with this hat and will get LOTS of use out of it!”

If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping, of course. Not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)


You Should Buy One Of These Grandmother-Approved Sun Hats On Amazon For Effective Outdoor Protection

We independently research, test, review, and recommend the best products—learn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

It’s not uncommon in the South to see a straw hat hanging on the coat rack next to the door at Grandma’s house. She likely grabs her go-to and sets it atop her head anytime she heads out into the yard to shield her skin from the sun. Just like her favorite sunscreen, it’s an important step of her skincare routine. She’s probably also asked you where your hat is if you’re heading out to get some sun.

In addition to sunscreen, sun hats can be a vital component to keeping your skin protected from the sun. Sun hats are both stylish and functional, allowing you to express your personal style while also shielding your face from the damaging rays of the sun. Each of the hats on this list features UPF 50+ protection, meaning they block 98% of UV rays.

Whether you’ve finally come around to taking grandma’s advice about wearing a sun hat, are ready to replace a well-loved piece, or want to add another topper to your collection, read on to find your new favorite hat to wear all summer long. We’ve scoured Amazon to find our picks for affordable sun hats that are worthy of adding to your cart (and your beach bag). Best of all, they’re all under $30—a bargain price for protecting your skin.

FURTALK Wide Brim Foldable Floppy Sun Hat

FURTALK Wide Brim Foldable Floppy Sun Hat

The wide brim on this hat allows it to provide additional coverage for the neck and shoulders. A detachable chin strap is included so you can choose to wear it with or without. It’s available in four sizes and a variety of neutral colors.

Material: Straw

San Diego Hat Company Women’s Cotton Crochet Hat

Crochet Hat

This handmade hat is made with cotton which makes it both breathable and lightweight. It features a 4-inch brim and 3 1/2-inch crown height, and best of all: It’s machine-washable!

100% Cotton

Simplicity Women’s UPF 50+ Wide Brim Roll-up Straw Sun Hat

Straw Sun Hat

You’ll never have to be without sun protection with this foldable and packable hat that will easily fit inside your beach bag or suitcase. The circumference is adjustable from 22 to 23.2 inches and the open top allows it to be worn with a variety of hairstyles.

Material: Straw

Simplicity UPF 50+ UV Sun Protective Convertible Beach Visor Hat

Beach Visor Hat

A zipper on this convertible hat allows the top to be detached, converting the full hat into a visor. It’s made of quick-drying material, so it’s suitable to be worn even if it may get wet—plus, it’s available in a variety of 11 solid colors and prints.

Material: 65% Cotton, 35% Polyester

Verabella UPF Lightweight Foldable Beach Sun Hat

Foldable Beach Sun Hat

In addition to featuring a stylish bow on the back, this straw hat is also packable and adjustable. The hat circumference ranges from 21.65 to 22.45 inches.

Material: Straw

HSELL Cooling Mesh Ponytail Hole Cap

Hole Cap

This option is a sportier style that features a drawstring chin strap to keep it in place during active activities. It’s available in 14 colors and also has a spot for a ponytail on the back of the hat.

Material: Polyester

Sunday Afternoons Women’s Sol Seaker Hat

Sol Seaker Hat

The fabric structure of this hat allows air to circulate to help keep your head cool. We love the pictured sea grass color which features a touch of green and blue while still remaining neutral enough to match any outfit.

90% Paper, 10% Polyester

Lanzom Wide Brim Straw Fedora Beach Sun Hat

Fedora Beach Sun Hat

An adjustable band on the inside helps fit this hat to your head. In addition to the pictured neutral khaki, the hat is available in 20 other color options.

90% Paper straw, 10% Polyester


5 Types of Hats & Styles for Men and Women (Hat Styles)

Find out the different types of hats for women that vary in size, shape, style, feature, and purpose. These fashionable headgears have been worn by women since ancient times.

Types of Hats

If you take a look at the amazingly fascinating history of hats, you’ll learn that they began as a way to protect the head and face from harsh weather conditions and, well, the scorching sun. Over the centuries, hats have become a symbol, a fashion statement and sometimes, a requirement.

Different Types of Hats Illustration

Hats Illustration

However, with numerous developments and advancements in time, hats transformed into something more. It was almost as if they gained a character, an identity. In time, hats became quite a status and fashion symbol and now they’ve become the ultimate, classic way to add a touch of style and glamour to any outfit.

Types of Hats for Men

Now, it has become a fantastic addition to any man’s wardrobe and is even in a huge number of styles and varieties. Take a look at some of the most popular types of hats for men and learn about how each of these hats has such an interesting history and story.

Chupalla Hat

Chupalla Hat

The chupalla is a traditional hat in Chile that is still widely worn. It’s made of straw with a short, flat crown and a wide brim. This hat is worn traditionally during folk dances and rodeos in Chile.

Conical Hat

Conical Hat

The conical hat has a great many names. It was called a Phrygian cap by ancient Greeks. It’s commonly known today as a wizard’s hat or a pointed hat. But in all widths and heights, the conical hat is a basic design that has been seen again and again throughout the history of fashion.


Tall, pointed caps date to ancient history. This was a fashion staple back in the Bronze Age and was worn as early as 1200 B.C.E., according to Ancient Origins.


Conical hats are pointed at the top. In classic designs, these hats are very skinny and very tall. But in modern Asian culture, conical hats are broader and shorter. That’s because the conical hat has a practical use. When taken off and flipped upside-down, the hat can be used to carry things, even liquid.

Wide, short conical hats known as Non La are very popular in Vietnamese culture and they are seen throughout the country.


-The conical cap is a variation of the Phrygian cap, which was worn as early as 800 B.C.E. in Turkey. The Phrygian cap was not stiff like the conical hat. Rather, the tip of the hat curled downward.

-You may recognize a conical hat best as a dunce cap. Legend has it that the dunce cap is named for John Duns Scotus, who was born near the end o the 1200s. He had a fondness for pointy hats and he was a great thinker who devised intricate and complicated theories in the fields of metaphysics and philosophy. His medieval theories seemed outdated, even stupid, when the Reinassance began in the 1400s. This led to followers of Scotus to be known as dunces, according to Atlas Obscura.

-The classic pointed paper party hat is a variation of the conical hat. It’s just a smaller and shorter version of the tall, pointed conical hats that inspired this more modern design.

-The jaapi is the Indian version of the conical hat. It is very wide and usually highly embellished with patterns and intricate designs. The Indian jaapi, or japi, is made from woven bamboo or cane and palm leaves. It was worn by Indian royalty and nobility historically.

Cowboy Hat

Cowboy Hat

The cowboy hat stands out for unique features, like the pinched crown and the curved, round brim. It has a tall crown and wide brim.

10 Gallon Hat

According to popular myth, a cowboy hat is also known as a 10-gallon hat because when flipped over and filled up, it could hold 10 gallons of water. This is, of course, ridiculous. Even very large cowboy hats couldn’t hold anything close to that much water. Also, filling your hat with water is just going to cause damage and likey misshape your hat.

The name probably comes from the Spanish word “galons,” which were braided hatbands. A 10-galon sombrero was tall enough to hold 10 hatbands. American cowboys heard the term and changed it to 10-gallon hat, according to History.


The first-ever cowboy hat was invented back in the 1860s during the period of the American Civil war by a famous hat manufacturer from Philadelphia called John B. Stetson. He made the hat by using the fur of several small animals, like beaver and rabbit.

It surprisingly proved to be quite a sturdy, durable hat and so it became extremely popular among the working westerners. It was initially called the “Boss of the Plains,” after which it underwent a series of modifications and alterations. This was the name of the style given to the hat created by John Stetson in 1865, according to the National Cowboy Museum. The hat had a round, flat brim and a smooth, somewhat rounded crown. Stetson’s hat was made from animal pelts. The boss of the plains hat caught on, eventually becoming known as the cowboy hat.


-The gambler hat is often seen as a variation of the cowboy hat. This hat has a wide brim that is turned up at the edges. The style is most distinct for the crown, which has an oval shape. Usually, the crown has a pinch at the center. Often, gambler hats are embellished with hat bands, feathers and other ornaments.

-The outback hat, or Aussie hat, is another variation of the cowboy hat. This is a wide-brimmed hat that is usually turned up on the sides to create a distinct profile. Usually, the crown has a distinct triangular shape that is known as a teardrop or a C crown.

-The Akubra hat is considered to be the essential Australian hat. It is made from rabbit fur in traditional designs, which originate from the Outback. Akubra hats have been worn by the Australian military as a standard part of the uniform since WWI. This is a classic “Aussie” hat style. Akubra is a brand name that has been producing the hats since 1874, according to Australian Country Magazine.

-The sombrero is the grandfather of the cowboy hat. Made with a high, rounded crown and a wide, upturned brim, the sombrero is made of felt or straw and dates to the 1400s. The word sombrero comes from the Spanish word “sombra,” which means shade.

 The Deerstalker

The Deerstalker

The deerstalker cap is perhaps most famous as being the type of hat worn by none other than Sherlock Holmes.


This style became especially popular in the late 1800s, when men’s sporting attire became fashionable. No well-dressed man in the late 1800s would be without a deerstalker cap in his wardrobe, according to the Encyclopedia of Fashion.



When you think of the most classic types of hats for men, the fedora hat is probably the first name that comes to mind. Undeniably, these iconic hats have successfully battled against the test of time and have evolved from being gangster hats in the 1920s to being one of the most polarizing men’s accessories all the way into the modern times.

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