The 3 Best Sun Hats to Buy on Amazon

Sun Hats

A sun hat is a perfect accessory for a hot summer day: It will elevate your look in seconds and protect you from those harsh June and July rays. So whether you are the woman who plans her outfit around a sun hat or throws on a baseball cap last minute, there is no doubt the right sun hat will instantly make you look fabulous. Whether you’re spending the season ahead at garden parties or on the beach, the 16 best sun hats on Amazon will have you covered. Shop our favorites below, from Gigi Burris’s straw bucket hats to R13’s sporty sun hats and many styles in between.

Holiday Bucket Green

Holiday Bucket Green

A Matisse-inspired sunhat that can be worn for bike rides, sailing, or cityside. It also has a necktie for a secured fit.

Women’s Packable Bandana Band Fedora

Bandana Band Fedora

A packable straw hat that is perfect for your next getaway. You won’t need to worry about the hat losing its shape. It’s also available in a blush tone.

R13 Women’s Baseball Hat

Baseball Hat

A sporty sunhat to throw over a casual look or for a run.



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